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Police departments all over the United States have deployed the latest technology to help them solve crimes and protect the citizens of the communities they serve. Since mobile technology has improved and so many people now have smart phones, police departments both large and small can benefit from having their own mobile app.


Mobile Life Solutions’ develops mobile applications that offer very robust functionality and a simple to use design and format. Additionally, we offer a complete content management system and unlimited push notifications. Our industry-leading technology allows those notifications to be geo-targeted to a specific area if required.

For example, if there is a particular neighborhood that is experiencing more vandalism than other areas, a notification can be sent to those citizens in that area that have the mobile application on their phone. A photo or description of the suspect or suspect vehicle can be sent with a message to contact the department if the citizen sees nefarious activity taking place.

Most all police departments have websites, however a website is a passive tool. Whereas, a mobile application can be used proactively to interact with the community. The mobile application can enlist the community’s support in reporting crimes, traffic issues or other community problems. And, our mobile apps include functionality that allows citizens to send voice memos or photos to the department to report any suspicious activity they may see.

A mobile app provides the community a great way to connect with the department and the department a great way to connect with the community. We can include all of the standard forms a citizen may want to access, a way for the community to commend an officer or we can include a calendar of events. The possibilities of what we can do are limitless.

Our mobile application development team is ready to serve your department with award winning design and robust functionality. If you have a website for your department, you should have a mobile application. Mobile Life Solutions handles everything from start to finish. And, we keep your app up to date and working properly as new software comes out from the phone manufacturers.

Contact us to see how you might benefit from having a mobile application for your department. We look forward to working with you.

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